Special Technical Procedures

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Life Box Hair Care & Protection Ampoules 8x10ml

HAIR CARE & PROTECTION AMPOULES FOR USE AFTER TECHNICAL PROCEDURES KYANA’s ampoules for deep hydration, care and protection of hair after technical operations such as coloring ,perming and discoloring, contain a specially formulated. Αctive concentrate of fruit acids rich in vitamins, minerals and sugars, which in synergy with softening agents offers incomparable softness, health and shine to hair. APPLICATION: Mix with an equal amount of water until the mixture reaches a creamy consistency. After coloring and shampooing, apply to wet hair. Massage gently and let the product sit for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. On damaged hair, the application can be repeated in the same way 1-2 times a week. For use with a perm, mix half of the bottle’s content with the perm lotion and the rest of the content after styling with an equal amount of water as a mask and apply to hair. Rinse after 3 minutes.

€ 22.00

Life Box Skin Protector - Stain Remover & Anti - Irritations 250ml

SKIN PROTECTOR is ideal for protecting skin from irritations that can be caused during tAPPLICATION: Apply to hair roots as well as around the ears before technical work or add 8 – 10 ml to the dye or decapage.he dyeing process. It prevents the creation of stains or irritations on the skin during the application of technical work.

€ 25.30

Salon Cold Permanent Νο0 80ml

For strong natural hair

€ 5.50

Salon Cold Permanent Νο1 80ml

For natural normal hair

€ 5.50

Salon Cold Permanent Νο2 80ml

For dyed, sensitive or bleached hair

€ 5.50