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HH Simonsen has existed since 2003, when three hairdressers and friends founded the company. With a solid foundation in the mulch of southwestern Jutland, we now deliver professional styling tools, hair products, brushes and much more to both salons, stylists and private consumers. Our big passion for the hairdressing craft means, that we’re still working in the field, as well as teaching both in Denmark and internationally.

The company creates professional hair products, scissors and styling tools for the creative, no-compromise hairdresser and stylist. We know the importance of working with the right tools – and that’s where we come in. With products that are developed in collaboration with leading hairdressers and that always use the latest technology.

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HHSimonsen Color Shampoo 250ml

Color Shampoo efficiently works with two of the greatest challenges with color-treated hair: That the color fades and that the hair becomes damaged by the dye. The shampoo retains the strength and shine of your hair color for longer, as well as nourishing and moisturizing your hair with the help of wheat-based amino acids, keratin, macadamia and jojoba oil.

€ 19.90 € 15.92

HHSimonsen Color Conditioner 250ml

Color Conditioner helps you preserve optimal strength and shine in your color-treated hair for longer. Thanks to the wheat-based amino acids, jojoba oil and shea butter, it also boosts your hair with necessary moisture and nourishment. It helps protect your hair color from fading quickly and protects your hair from the damage that hair dye often causes.

€ 20.90 € 16.72

HHSimonsen Anti Yellow Shampoo 250ml

Anti-Yellow Shampoo is a protective and nourishing shampoo for everyone who has dyed blonde or grey/ice blonde hair, but suffers unwanted yellow tones in their hair. A perfect harmony of blue, violet and green pigments effectively eliminate yellow tones without stressing the hair, while the shampoo also protects the hair’s real color from the sun’s UV rays. Therefore, it doesn't destroy the hair’s quality. Most anti-yellow products focus solely on the color and can result in dry and lifeless hair, but this shampoo prioritized nourishing ingredients like keratin, which reconstruct and strengthen the hair, and oils that restore the moisture levels and make your hair more flexible, shinier and healthier. All very needed, especially for hair that has been dyed, lightened or bleached.

€ 19.90 € 15.92

HHSimonsen Cleansing Shampoo 250ml

Cleansing Shampoo cleanses your hair and scalp and removes oils, natural fatty substances and accumulated styling product residue. But the greatest difference between this shampoo and most other cleansing products on the market is the unique reconstruction of the hair’s keratin and moisture levels. In other words, you get a really effective and thorough cleanse along with a dose of gentle care that will leave your hair softer than most alternatives. It can be used daily in normal or greasy hair – or 2-3 times a month as an extra thorough cleansing.

€ 19.90 € 15.92

HHSimonsen Repair Shampoo 250ml

Repair Shampoo provides immediate emergency help for damaged hair. The shampoo contains several keratin-rich micro proteins that deeply penetrate the hair strands and strengthen the hair from within. Wheat-based amino acids, macadamia and jojoba oil add nourishment, vitality and strength, helping to create a shampoo that will revitalize tired hair.

€ 19.90 € 15.92

HHSimonsen Repair Conditioner 250ml

Repair Conditioner also contains several keratin-rich micro proteins that penetrate deeply into the hair strands and reconstruct them from within. The conditioner also prevents broken and split ends, and makes it easier to comb tangled hair without causing any damage. The composition of ingredients means the product works 30% on the inside of the hair and 70% on the cuticle. Thus effectively reconstructing the keratin’s strength as well as helping provide the hair with increased bounce and flexibility.

€ 20.90 € 16.72

HHSimonsen Repair Mask 150ml

Repair Mask is an effective treatment, if you need particularly intensive help for tired and damaged hair. It contains a larger proportion of keratin-rich micro protein than both shampoo and conditioner, making a hair mask the most effective product for restoring the hair’s strength. Furthermore, the wheat-based amino acids, shea butter and coconut and jojoba oil help to strengthen and nourish the hair – and effectively combat broken and split ends. Repair Mask works 70% on the core of the hair strands and 30% on the outer cuticles.

€ 23.90 € 19.12

HHSimonsen Moisture Shampoo 250ml

Moisture Shampoo contains a long list of both natural and man-made ingredients that effectively nourish and care for dry hair. Hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed keratin and a specially formulated Marine Complex with ingredients like seaweed and algae add moisture to the hair and scalp, and the added macadamia and jojoba oils provide strength and nourishment to the hair strands, making the hair healthier and easier to style.

€ 19.90 € 15.92

HHSimonsen Moisture Conditioner 250ml

Moisture Conditioner is the perfect finishing treatment for dry hair, thanks to the carefully selected moisturizing ingredients and the higher molecular weight used in the conditioner. The molecular weight helps ensure the conditioner works 30% on the inside of the hair strands and 70% on the cuticle, which closes and seals the moisture in the hair. Wheat-based amino acids and marine ingredients add moisture, and the added keratin strengthens the hair strands.

€ 20.90 € 16.72

HHSimonsen Moisture Mask 150ml

Moisture Mask is an intensive hair treatment for dry and lifeless hair. The mask is formulated to primarily restore moisture and keratin levels deep within the hair and secondarily treat the hair cuticle on the outside. The unique combination of hydrolyzed keratin, wheat based amino acids, Marine Complex extract and a special molecule with ceramide properties effectively boosts and preserves the moisture in the hair and scalp.

€ 23.90 € 19.12

HH Simonsen Volume Shampoo 250ml

Volume Shampoo adds much needed body and strength to thin and fine hair, thanks to a unique combination of natural plant extracts. Ginseng root, psyllium and white dead-nettle flower have a synergetic effect on the hair’s vitality and bounce, while the hair follicles are stimulated by fresh and cooling menthol.

€ 19.90 € 15.92

HH Simonsen Volume Conditioner 250ml

Volume Conditioner is the ultimate product for thin and lifeless hair. It combines the nourishing properties from a classic conditioner with effective volume-creating active ingredients. It contains macadamia and coconut oil, which boost your hair with nourishment, shine and moisture.

€ 20.90 € 16.72
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